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The best undergarments for your gown

Corset, shape-wear, lingerie? We have compiled the best undergarments to get you the look you desire.

A-line, mermaid and any form fitting dress must have ~ SPANX

Spanx has become the name in shape-wear. Designed to hold everything in by eliminating bulge and the appearance of cellulite, these must have garments will give you a look that is .... flawless. Downside is that shape wear can add bulk to your dress if the right undergarment is not used. If you are larger in the mid-section, a full body Spanx will help to give a minimal amount of shape to create a tad of an hour glass shape, but will not give a larger size girl a complete "tuck". It is truly designed to smooth out body bulge.

Spanx created the must have list to target the areas you need to define, sculpt or smooth.


Great for ball gown, mermaid and most curve hugging dresses


Think Scarlet O'Hara! The only way to truly change the appearance of your waist is to use a corset. A corset pulls in the bulge internally into your torso, which is why fainting couches were invented! The pressure of a too tight corset can make one have shortness of breath, so be extremely careful. The plus side is that they are easy to adjust to give yourself some relief without having to take off your entire dress., which is the downside of shape-wear with a gown.

Our favorite brand for corsets --- Orchard Corsets! Their mesh over bust corset takes away some of the added bulk of using a traditional corset, but is impeccable on shape, especially for real women with curves! Orchard Corset"s 101 Guide is a must for all your questions regarding modern corsets. https://www.orchardcorset.com/pages/corsets-101.

The Corset Center has created the best guide for selecting your corset size.


For the bust! Bustiers designed to support!


If all you need is support for your bust, a bustier is the accessory you need. The Bridal Shoppe carries Carnival and Flattering Me brands of bustiers that provide a structured silhouette in addition to giving lift.

Flattering Me has the only low back, long line strapless bra that supports and lifts the breast, shapes and flattens the tummy. Additionally they come in sizes that range from 32A - 52F in White, Ivory and Nude!

Carnival has been designing undergarments for women since 1947! Featuring torsolettes, long-line, low-plunge and silhouette makers to fit the lowest bust lines without losing support.

Whatever undergarment you decide on, be sure to bring different options with you during your dress fitting. This way you can see how each style will enhance the look of your gown, or if it will be too cumbersome to use with your gown. Comfort and function should be a big factor when selecting what is worn under your gown...its trouble enough devising your potty plan!

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