Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Nontraditional Wedding Dress Textures

Part of the fun of wedding dress shopping is discovering all the different types of fabrics and textures that designers are using to create these stunning gowns! And while fabrics like satin, silk, lace, and tulle are super popular, did you know there are SO many other textures to explore? 

Choosing the right fabric for your wedding gown is important because it affects the silhouette, how formal or casual the gown is, and how much it costs. It’s helpful to think about what you want to feel like on your wedding day when choosing the texture - are you more interested in a smooth fabric, or does something more intricate excite you? And if you lean toward anything that’s less traditional, today’s post is for you! 

The most impressive wedding gowns are created by bridal gown designers like Martin Thornburg, who use a variety of fabrics, weaving, and embroidery. Today we’re going to take a moment and explore some of the incredible textures that brides can find in Martin’s gorgeous bridal gowns:





Organza is a light, plain weave fabric. Sheer fabrics are woven in a low density, making them transparent and fairly flimsy. Organza fabric is commonly used to make garments that overlay thicker kinds of apparel, as well as a variety of household textiles, thanks to its transparency and breathability.

Silk was the only material used to make organza in the past. Since polyester and nylon are fully synthetic, it's possible to craft this textile from other materials now. Organza fabric is incredibly delicate, so it can't be washed in the washer. This type of fabric has to be washed by hand - if you choose an organza wedding gown, we encourage you to stick to dry cleaning! 

This lovely gown below is a beautiful example of how organza can amplify a wedding day look, especially in combination with other textures! This ball gown silhouette is crafted with both organza and Mikado, which is a lustrous, heavy fabric that has a long history in bridal gowns. Mikado is a twill weave that lends itself to a smooth, gorgeous drape. Mikado has a brighter sheen that’s a little more subtle in comparison to satin, which makes it a wonderful option for brides who want to look sophisticated without adding too much drama. 

The organza on this particular dress is also trimmed with horsehair, which you’ll be relieved to know has nothing to do with actual horses! This is simply a structured netting fabric used in wedding dresses to create movement in the skirt as the bride walks and keeps the dress structure in place.


Style #122248





Simply put, Schiffli is a type of lace that’s embroidered using the Schiffli machine! A shuttle used to produce this type of lace has a hull-like shape, thus the name 'schiffli', which comes from the Swiss dialect of German. In Schiffli embroidery, a special kind of machine is used and the fabric is chemically soaked. With Schiffli embroidery, you can create a variety of luxurious patterns with a three-dimensional effect that's different from other types of machine embroidery.

The ball gown pictured below is made of a beautiful combination of chantilly lace and tulle that features Schiffli lace appliques, which adds an otherworldly level of detail to this stunning bridal gown! Chantilly lace is a type of bobbin lace that was traditionally used out of black threads. It typically features botanical or lace patterns and was originally designed in France.


We love that there were multiple fabrics and textures used to create this beautiful work of art that practically pops off the photograph. It gives almost a 3D effect to the dress. This gown also incorporates horsehair on its semi-cathedral train. 


Style #122244




Another fabric that Martin Thornburg incorporates into his bridal gowns is English net. This is a pliable, soft netting fabric that’s typically used for special occasion dresses, bridal veiling, accessories, and trims. It’s far more luxurious in nature than craft nettings, tulle, or nylon bridal illusion fabric. It’s the perfect texture for lace insertion, machine lace making, or edging lace. 

This alluring, feminine bridal gown was made with a beautiful combination of Chantilly lace and lightweight English net. It’s truly a unique wedding dress that’s perfect for any non-traditional bride at heart! What we love about this dress is that it also incorporates Schiffli lace appliques that offer a 3D effect and is even woven with hints of metallic thread. This gown is truly spectacular!


Style #119267 




As if these bridal gowns weren’t beautiful enough, how about you add in more metallic thread and sequin tulle? Sequins are being incorporated in wedding dresses more and more these days, and it creates such stunning detail. It adds extra shine and that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that a bride craves. This gown below is a stunning combination of organza, sequin tulle, and hand-beaded lace that’s woven with metallic thread. Paired with the crystal beaded bodice, you have a seriously impressive bridal gown here.


Style #MTL22008


We could go on and on about Martin Thornburg’s breathtaking designs! If you’re inspired by these gorgeous fabrics and want to come shop with us for your dream wedding dress, book an appointment today with the experts at The Bridal Shoppe.